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How will the future energy landscape develop? And what will the implications for international relations be? Motivated by concerns about climate change, depletion of fossil fuel reserves, economic competitiveness and innovation, stakeholders around the world are paying increasing attention to this issue.


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01 Jul 2016

Gazprom reaches deal with Slovakia

Yesterday Gazprom announced it will send some of the gas from its controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline through Slovakia, in a bid that may remove Slovak opposition against the project. What are the reasons for this decision and what are the consequences for Nord Stream II and EU sanctions policy?
02 May 2016

Empty Gazpromises

Over the years, Gazprom has perfected a strategy whereby it whets the appetite of Europe’s political and business elite with potentially lucrative pipeline deals, even though the prospects of realising these projects are often unclear writes Sijbren de Jong in his column for EUobserver.
21 Apr 2016

Russia dodges a bullet in the $50 billion Yukos case – for now

The decade-long battle to get compensation for the illegal seizure of Yukos will continue well into the future after an unexpected — and legally questionable — court ruling in the Netherlands. However, whether or not the Russian state will be held liable is increasingly becoming a moot point. The whole Yukos ordeal, coupled with the Kremlin’s adventurous foreign policy and the international sanctions that came in response, have already done tremendous damage to the country’s investment profile abroad says Sijbren de Jong to Foreign Policy Magazine.
18 Apr 2016

Conference: Towards a reinforced Raw Materials Initiative

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Centre of Expertise on Resources and representatives from Dutch industry organize the Conference Conference: Towards a reinforced Raw Materials Initiative - Strengthen Better Information on Security of Supply of Raw Materials on Friday, 22 April 2016.
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