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Nuclear Timeline

The nuclear timeline is an easy and attractive tool that renders the dazzling history of nuclear developments comprehensible. In the run-up to the Nuclear Security Summit, the timeline traces the long legacy of nuclear security threats and policies. It covers scientific and technological breakthroughs, the proliferation of nuclear weapons, the emergence of non-proliferation efforts, (near)disasters, and the growing threat of nuclear materials falling in terrorists hands. Links are provided to Treaty texts, relevant websites, illustrations and videos.

HCSS Nuclear Timeline


The Future of CBRN


Navigating the CBRN landscape of 2010 and beyond: towards a new policy paradigm

Global Trends


23 Oct 2014

Intrastate Conflict and Drivers of Vulnerability Monitor

HCSS is proud to present the Drivers of Vulnerability (DoV) Monitor, a 21st century tool to explore our 21st century security environment. The DoV Monitor contains over 50 drivers of state vulnerability to intrastate conflict for around 200 countries from over twenty years. It combines the expertise of decades of conflict research with a data driven approach, presented in one interactive interface. Please access our DoV Monitor.
25 Jun 2014

Den Haag gastheer eerste Europese vakbeurs over Drones (Februari 2015)

Den Haag is volgend jaar gastheer van de eerste editie van de Europese vakbeurs ‘The Unmanned Systems Expo' (TUSExpo), die van 4 tot en met 6 februari in het World Forum wordt gehouden. De TUSExpo is gericht op de snelgroeiende markt van onbemande systemen zoals drones.
09 Apr 2014

De Gordiaanse Knoop van Tactisch Nucleaire Wapens

Toen Barack Obama in juni 2013 bij de Brandenburger Toren in Berlijn de lijnen van het Amerikaanse nucleaire beleid uiteen zette, sprak hij de intentie uit om toe te werken naar “bold reductions in U.S. and Russian tactical [nuclear] weapons in Europe”.
27 Mar 2014

Maarten Gehem participates in Berlin-workshop on Non-Strategic Nuclear Weapons

On Thursday 27 and Friday 28 of March, Maarten Gehem will participate in a Workshop on Non-Strategic Nuclear Weapons (NSNW) in Europe. The workshop is organized by the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP).
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