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HSD Café: Online Identity 18 Sep 2014

HSD Café: Online Identity

Banking, booking your holiday, filling in tax forms – only a few years ago, we had to stroll to a bank or travel agency to do these things and wield paper and pen. In our increasingly online world, such activities now predominantly take place on the web.

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Studium Generale - Conflict areas around the world 30 Sep 2014

Studium Generale - Conflict areas around the world

There is turmoil now in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, North Korea, and everlasting tension in Israel-Palestine, to say nothing of the numerous conflicts on the African continent. Which of these conflicts pose the greatest threat to world peace? What are the driving forces behind these conflicts: resources, land, ethnic purity?

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HSD Café: Drones 2 Oct 2014

HSD Café: Drones

The proliferation of drone technology has led to new security questions. Such “Unmanned Areal Vehicles” (UAVs), often referred to as ‘drones’, are used for a wide range of purposes. The vast majority of drones performs security related tasks, military and civil.

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HSD Café: CBRN and Terrorism 16 Oct 2014
HSD Café: Ethics and societal security 6 Nov 2014