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Erik Frinking

Director of the Strategic Futures Program

Erik Frinking is the Director of the Strategic Futures Program at HCSS. He holds a Master’s degree in Political Science from Leiden University. For almost twenty years, he has been involved in addressing high-level, complex policy issues for a wide variety of European countries and international organizations. Mr. Frinking worked for more than 13 years at the Leiden branch of the RAND Corporation, where he was director of the Education, Science & Technology, and Innovation program. At HCSS, he is responsible for the foresight program, which produces the State of the Future and Future Issues on key emerging themes. Combining strong strategic skills with methodological rigor, Mr. Frinking conducts benchmarks, foresight and scenario exercises and risk assessments. His fields of expertise include science & technology, crisis management, CBRN-security policies and cyber security. He played an important role in the development and implementation of the Dutch National Security Strategy (Strategie Nationale Veiligheid).

Erik Frinking is expert on these programs:

Global Trends Security Resources

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31 May 2016

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