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Frank Bekkers

Director of the Security Program

Frank Bekkers is Director of the Program Security. He is also theme leader of the Strategy and Change Program. He studied Applied Mathematics at the University of Amsterdam. Mr. Bekkers spent most of his career at the Netherlands’ Organisation of Applied Scientific Research TNO, specializing in the Defense and Security field. At TNO, he has held a range of positions, including program manager, senior research scientist, group manager and account director. In 1996-97, he has worked as program manager Call Media and Intelligent Networks for the telecom company KPN. His current position at HCSS combines shaping HCSS’s portfolio of defense and security-related projects with hands-on participation in a number of key projects. Over the past decade, Mr. Bekkers has served as a trusted advisor for the ministry of Defense with respect to both methodology and content of its long-term planning.

Frank Bekkers is expert on these programs:

Global Trends Security

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