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Rob de Wijk


Rob de Wijk is the founder and non-executive director of HCSS. He studied Contemporary History and International Relations in Groningen, and wrote his PhD dissertation on NATO’s ‘Flexibility in Response’ strategy at the Political Science Department of Leiden University. Mr. De Wijk started his career in 1977 as a freelance journalist and later became lecturer in International Relations at Leiden University’s Political Science Department. He also worked at the Ministry of Defense, where he was instrumental in the restructuring of the Dutch armed forces in the early nineties. Other positions he held, include director of the Clingendael Security and Conflict Programme and Professor in the field of International Relations at the Royal Netherlands Military Academy. Currently, he is not only the director of HCSS, but also Professor of International Relations at Leiden University, chairman of the National Security Think Tank (Denktank Nationale Veiligheid) and columnist for the national daily Trouw.

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Rob de Wijk is expert on these programs:

Global Trends Security Resources

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