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19 March 2015

Beyond the Welfare State

The modern welfare state is under stress. The Great Recession has had a severe impact on public finances in the Netherlands and in many other EU member states.

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13 March 2015

The Fission of Power: Flex and Flux in an Age of Fragmentation

Something’s afoot with power. The nation state is being challenged structurally and institutionally. Its model of hierarchical power, monopoly on violence, and binding law, is being squeezed from below and from above - by grassroots organizations on the one end and supranational organizations on the other.

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27 November 2014

Harvesting Golden Opportunities for the Dutch Agri-Food Business in China

China is under extreme pressure to meet the growing demand for high-value and safe food of middle- and high-income households. Food security - crucial for socio-political stability – and upgrading food quality and safety have been prioritized by the Chinese government. This offers business opportunities for the Netherlands.

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9 July 2014

Why are Pivot States so Pivotal? The Role of Pivot States in Regional and Global Security

Who are the real kingmakers in global security affairs? Journalists and historians alike tend to focus on great powers. Great powers, after all, are involved in the lion share of interstate crises and conflicts around the globe. But a closer look reveals that great powers’ interests generally collide and clash over those countries ‘caught in the middle’. From Egypt to Afghanistan, from Georgia to Ukraine, and from Serbia to Syria: the real pivot states are invariably located at the seams of the international system.

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