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Conference on 'Strategic Planning Tools'

4 December 2012

On November 27-28, Stephan De Spiegeleire took part in a conference on 'Strategic Planning Tools', organized by the Swedish National Defence College in Stockholm. The conference, which brought together experts from across Europe, was convened by the Swedish Armed Forces with an eye towards reviewing the 'ART'-model they use for strategic defense foresight on the basis best practices around the world. Stephan's presentation outlined what he sees at the 10 key trends in strategic defense and security foresight: Foresight for defense (still?) going strong; More balance between time horizons; Towards whole-of-government/society; Diversification of types of foresight; Diversification of foresight tools/methods; From foresight 1.0 to 2.0 to 3.0; Towards better actioning of foresight; More balance between outside-in/inside-out and Towards new foresight products

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Senior Analyst

Stephan De Spiegeleire

Stephan de Spiegeleire is senior scientist at HCSS. He has Master's degrees from the Graduate Institute in Geneva and Columbia University in New York, as well as a C.Phil. degree in Political Science from UCLA.

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