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HCSS briefs the European Union's European Forum on Forward Looking Activities

4 December 2012

On November 22, Stephan De Spiegeleire briefed the 'European Union's European Forum on Forward Looking Activities' (EFFLA) in Brussels on the initial findings of an HCSS horizon-scanning study commissioned by EFFLA. EFFLA is an expert council that is advizing the European Commission on how better to enhance collective forward looking intelligence, to help the EU in tackling upcoming societal challenges and to devise comprehensive and pro-active European Research & Innovation Policies. In this study HCSS applies its Metafore toolsuite to identify a number of key themes that emerge from some 100+ foresight studies that were published internationally around the Horizon-2020 societal challenge: "Towards Inclusive, innovative and secure societies".

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Senior Analyst

Stephan De Spiegeleire

Stephan de Spiegeleire is senior scientist at HCSS. He has Master's degrees from the Graduate Institute in Geneva and Columbia University in New York, as well as a C.Phil. degree in Political Science from UCLA.

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29 November 2012


Meta-Foresight is a state-of-the-art technique, pioneered by The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies (HCSS), which aims at identifying emerging strategic issues in a complex and uncertain world.

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