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Poetin zal niet inbinden Why HCSS?

Based in The Hague, the political capital of the Netherlands and world capital of peace and justice, The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies advises businesses, government agencies, NGOs and international organizations worldwide on how to deal with global challenges, and to identify opportunities for engagement. With an international staff and extensive networks, HCSS can draw on a broad array of expert resources. Our knowledge is disseminated through media including TV, radio, and newspapers, in the Netherlands and abroad.

Poetin zal niet inbinden What we can do for you

We aim to make sense of the world around us, and turn specialized research into actionable recommendations. We are committed to high standards of service, quality products, and scientifically grounded advice that meet the needs of our clients. We value close cooperation with our clients throughout a project.

Our products Our products:

Examples include the following:

  • Full-fledged studies and reports
  • Short issue briefs;
  • Substantive input for white papers or business strategies;
  • In-house brainstorm or information sessions
  • Lectures
  • Media commentaries
  • ‘Haags Strategisch Beraad’— discussion sessions for decision-makers on strategic issues under the Chatham House Rule

We tailor our public relations to the needs of our clients, ranging from international media campaigns to discrete dissemination.
Our staff

HCSS has a small but dedicated staff of around 25 people from different countries. Many of them are graduates from major universities in the US, France, the UK, the Netherlands and elsewhere, and have experience having worked and lived in countries across the world. Together, they contribute, in-depth expertise in political science, law, sociology, history, management sciences, economics, statistics and area studies, as well as language skills covering Dutch, English, French, German, Russian and Spanish, as well as other languages if needed. .

Apart from the in-house staff, HCSS also has a network of non-resident experts, which includes some prominent journalists, politicians and scholars.

Our products Our expertise:

Since its inception, HCSS has gradually been expanding its areas of expertise. These include defense; energy security; agro-food security; labor markets and demographics; cyber-security and environmental security.

Across these disciplines, we can deliver different kinds of studies, including:

  • Conflict and security analyses;
  • Risk assessments and evaluations;
  • Foresight and trend analyses
  • Lessons-learned reports
Who we work with:

HCSS has extensive experience working with and advising organizations across many sectors, including:

  • Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Defence, Economic Affairs
  • Intelligence Services
  • Cabinet Offices in multiple countries
  • Energy companies
  • Industrial and resources companies
  • Financial institutions
  • NGOs
In addition, we also engage and cooperate with think tanks and academic institutions worldwide, and participate in consortia such as The Hague Security Delta and EU research projects.

How to contact us:

Michel Rademaker

To inquire about
our tailored services
please contact
Michel Rademaker,
deputy director
at michel.rademaker@hcss.nl, or
by phone at +31(70) 318 48 40.

Michael Rademaker is expert on these programs:

Global Trends Security Resources

GeoRisQ Monitor provides data-based visualizations of trends, risks and opportunities across different policy areas. Bi-monthly, it publishes a publicly accessible Monitor on a strategic topic accompanied by a briefing written by an HCSS expert. Go to GeoRisQ Monitor.

Our products The difference we make:

How is HCSS different from other think tanks?

  • Our work with private and public sector partners allows us to develop a multi-perspective understanding about needs, concerns and opportunities in view of the great geopolitical and economic issues of the day.
  • Our research is empirical and, where possible, based on statistical analysis, rather than opinion-driven.
  • We propose innovative solutions for presenting the results of our research through online applications and intuitive visualizations