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Innovation for Prevention and Health

27 September 2013

The developed world will be facing growing health challenges in the near future. Today’s ongoing trends such as the obesity epidemic, the growing prevalence of certain chronic diseases and increasing financial pressures on our health-care systems are as many symptoms of a need to change the way we look at and take care of our health.

One central element on this pathway to change is the concept of prevention. This Issue Brief looks at the extent to which it can contribute to our health and health-care systems, at the role of institutional, behavioral and technological innovations in supporting this approach, and at the costs and benefits it entails.

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Experts on this report

Strategic Analyst

Eline Chivot

Eline Chivot is a strategic analyst at HCSS. Her research projects typically focus on horizon scanning and global trends related to broad security, defense, economic and societal issues.