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Taking Care of our Health. Research Tackling Europe’s Grand Challenge of Future Health Issues

7 February 2013

Europeans have never been healthier than they are today. Yet although European countries have experienced a continuous improvement of their overall health situation, our increasing wealth has paradoxically become a driving force of new health problems. Aging and unhealthy lifestyles are leading to new health risks. From an increase in incidence in some non-communicable diseases, to neurodegenerative and mental disorders, we are increasingly faced with new types of ‘maladies of prosperity’. Combined with rising health expectations and technological progress, they also threaten the financial sustainability of our health-care systems. If left unaddressed, these trends are likely to evolve into the health crises of tomorrow. To tackle these challenges, the report argues for increasing research on costly diseases, personalization of treatments, targeted and cost-reducing innovations, health inequalities and sustainability of health-care systems.

Our report is complemented by a GeoRisQ Monitor, which assesses the health challenges affecting European countries. It does so by taking a closer look at how these countries fare with respect to three risk factors: (i) Unhealthy Lifestyles; (ii) Aging; and, (iii) Environmental Degradation. The Monitor can be accessed by clicking here.

Experts on this report

Strategic Analyst

Eline Chivot

Eline Chivot is a strategic analyst at HCSS. Her research projects typically focus on horizon scanning and global trends related to broad security, defense, economic and societal issues.

Strategic Analyst

Maarten Gehem

Maarten Gehem is a strategic analyst at HCSS. He specializes in cyber security, politics in the Middle East and North Africa, and nuclear security issues.