Michel Rademaker

Deputy Director, Market and Operations

Michel Rademaker is the deputy Director of HCSS. He has fifteen years of hands-on experience as an officer in The Royal Netherlands Army, where he held various military operational and staff posts and also served a term in former Yugoslavia. He has a masters degree obtained at the University of Tilburg. After leaving the armed forces, Mr. Rademaker went on to work at the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) as a project and program manager and senior policy advisor on security topics for ten years. Eg. as NATO RTO project leader, he and his team developed serious gaming assessment methods and conducted several assessments of security technologies, and worked on numerous strategic security topics.

At HCSS he is responsible for product and project development. He is particularly interested in setting up multi-stakeholder projects, both with a combined qualitative as well as quantitative focus, on new and upcoming strategic security and geo-economic themes like cyber and raw materials etc. He is one of the co-founders of HCSS.

Michel Rademaker was also an initiator of The Hague Security Delta, the biggest security cluster in Europe, and continues to lead projects for this cluster. Recently he supported the establishment of the Hyderabad Security Cluster in India. His fields of expertise include security strategy, policy, concepts and doctrines, technology assessments, geopolitical and economic security implications of climate change, raw materials and energy supply and serious gaming techniques.

Michel has written several book chapters, and numerous research reports and articles. He frequently acts as moderator in workshops, as a trainer, as guest lecturer at various universities and speaker at conferences, and as a commentator in news media.

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