Laura Birkman & Esther Chavannes at the Altius Conference

October 7th 2019 - 16:28

This weekend, Senior Strategic Analyst Laura Birkman chaired the 2019 Altius Conference "Organizing Society for the 21st Century" panel on the "Future of Planet Earth" at the University of Oxford.
Our Strategic Analyst Esther Chavannes also attended this conference, and will take back the insights gathered at this events to HCSS. 

Laura Birkman is a Senior Strategic Analyst at HCSS where she leads a range of projects in the field of security and defense. Before joining HCSS, she worked as Principal and Senior Consultant at Ecorys, an international research and consulting firm, where she helped establish the Security and Justice unit and focused on topics related to civil protection, crisis management, and innovation. Among other things, Laura led advisory and support services related to the building of a “Community of Users in Secure, Safe and Resilient Societies”, a European Commission initiative focused on reducing fragmentation and increasing impact of EU funded security research.
Esther Chavannes is a Strategic Analyst at HCSS, primarily focusing on topics where security, politics and law intersect. Most recently she conducted research into the ethical challenges of using Robotic and Autonomous Systems in a military context. Apart from emerging technologies in the Defense sector, she works on security challenges in Southeast Asia, regulatory frameworks of civil technology in the EU, and right-wing political violence in the digital age.