Security through diversity

December 22nd 2014 - 11:21

At this time of year, people around the world celebrate together, but they also reflect on the all too painful perils to peace. At HCSS, we recognize the growing imperative to embrace diversity and promote inclusion—not only to protect human rights, but also to stimulate productivity, strengthen security and build societal resilience.

Globally, we have consistently advocated bringing together various emerging public and private actors into a new, more equitable and flexible structure. We have argued that our armed forces will have to become more inclusive in order to thrive in an ever more complex international security environment. And we have been analysing the tragic events in Ukraine which continue to remind us of the need for inclusive politics.

The power of diversity, when properly harnessed, does indeed offer unique opportunities to create better groups, firms, schools, societies and countries—and more fun ones too. That’s something really worth celebrating.

Our latest infographic offers a snapshot of some of the world’s most peaceful and inclusive countries, and some of the danger zones where exclusion and conflict are both widespread.

Photo credit: milomingo via / CC BY-NC-ND